Flexible SAP mobile execution solution

Trying to run an efficient, modern logistics operation without mobile technology is like trying to run your life without mobile technology. Sure – you’ll get by – but there are so many opportunities you’ll miss. And, just like using a mobile device in your day-to-day life, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

FlexMobEx® is a unique flexible mobile solution developed for use with SAP supply chain operations, offering pre-built mobile and Radio Frequency transactions together with essential tools to optimize your SAP value chain.

Because FlexMobEx® is based on SAP ITS mobile technology and BSP, it integrates all existing mobile and Radio Frequency transactions – whether they are SAP based or reside in other systems. This way, you get a unified set of transactions – so that existing solutions may be accessed through a common interface, reducing the overall investment in moving to a new mobile enabled world.

Key capabilities of FlexMobEx®

The product offers a solution for the following functions with the possibility of extending into other functional areas:

  • Mobile SAP Production management
  • Mobile SAP Inventory management
  • Mobile SAP Warehouse management
  • Mobile SAP Plant maintenance
  • Mobile SAP Quality management

FlexMobEx® is built on a robust framework using object oriented technology meaning that it can easily be customized to meet specific Mobile Execution needs. In addition, FlexMobEx provides web-based configuration tools for user and menu management. The FlexMobEx® framework allows the easy development of new custom transactions.

Benefits of FlexMobEx®

Some of the benefits of choosing FlexMobEx® for your business are:

  • Pre-built pool of SAP® Standard and Custom Mobile transactions to choose from – reducing additional development time.
  • Fast and accurate data capture with intuitive and ergonomic screen layout, designed and tested by logistics experts.
  • Existing back-end SAP custom development remains intact and can be reused by FlexMobEx®.
  • ZERO middleware required – avoids the need for expensive interfaces with your back-end SAP systems.
  • ZERO Master Data duplication – the system will use the back-end master data and does not store date on the mobile device.
  • ZERO lag – FlexMobEx® provides real-time validation with less scope for error. This also means no monitoring and error processing required – meaning optimized and efficient operations.
  • No need to set up RF access points; widespread and low cost Wi-Fi technology can be used instead.
  • Robust operation – unlike SAP Console, if the signal is lost the page is not – it remains active on the server until time out.

FlexMobEx® is designed to be implemented quickly, with a rapid ROI. Contact us to find out just how quickly your SAP supply chain processes could benefit from mobile enablement.