Faster accounts receivable with FlexPOD®

Imagine if your hauliers or logistics providers could enter Proof of Delivery information directly into your SAP solution, in real-time, at the precise time of delivery. With FlexPOD® you can – meaning that you invoice more quickly and with greater accurately – ultimately you free up the cash tied up in your supply chain operations.

  • Improve cash flow by reducing the cycle time between order to cash collection – Invoice faster and get paid sooner
  • Improve customer service – real time reporting and visibility. Manage errors and disputes pro-actively
  • Inbuilt Dispute Resolution Management for SAP – enabling improved dispute control and approval
  • Enable staff to monitor dispute cases
  • Enable staff to monitor and control delivery performance
  • Create more efficient and streamlined logistics business processes – reduce your Logistics administrative costs
  • In-built ‘Haulier Portal’ for POD capture – control for disputed PODS at the suppliers end with remote and direct access into your SAP solution.

With Web POD, proof of delivery can be recorded using any web browser which records POD transactions directly into the back end SAP system.

This means that the haulier can use a web portal to capture the POD information and enter any quantity variance. Web POD then performs a series of validations, creating either a ‘clean POD’ or a ‘disputed POD’, enabling workflow to be triggered for a POD clerk to resolve any dispute quickly. Clean POD deliveries are made available immediately for billing.

Key Advantages of Web FlexPOD®

  • Rapid cash collection for clean POD deliveries
  • Workflow based dispute management – the POD clerk controls the process
  • End to end traceability of transactions
  • Hauliers can directly input clean PODs – with minimal training
  • Web POD is an external facing web application offering secure access into the SAP back end

With Mobile POD, proof of delivery is created in the back end SAP system via a mobile application. This enables the haulier to use a mobile application to capture the POD information and any quantity variance. Validations are performed and the POD is created directly in the SAP system to enable billing to begin close to the point of delivery.

Key Advantages of Mobile FlexPOD®

  • Instant document creation – ensures billing can take place close to delivery time
  • Online / Offline processing – enabling transactions to be processed even when mobile reception is poor
  • Signature capture – provide proof of delivery with digitized customer signature
  • Support for major smart phones brands and rugged devices
  • Broad device support – all major mobile platforms are supported
  • Blackberry processing for SAP Proof of Delivery
  • iPhone / iOS processing for SAP Proof of Delivery
  • Android processing for SAP Proof of Delivery
  • Windows Mobile processing for SAP Proof of Delivery

With EDI POD, proof of delivery is created in the back end SAP system via an EDI file.

Typically, POD information is received into the SAP EDI middleware and converted into ALE / IDoc format. The SAP application will then process the EDI date to to create a POD.

Any disputed PODs trigger a workflow for the POD clerk to resolve. Clean POD deliveries are made available for immediate billing.

Key Advantages of EDI FlexPOD®:

  • Large amounts of POD data can be processed in asynchronous mode in the background
  • EDI POD comes with pre-built error reprocessing functions to ensure that errors do not cause unnecessary lag
  • in-built workflow based dispute resolution means rapid routing of disputes

With Voice POD, a proof of delivery can be created directly in the back end SAP system over the telephone using voice processing. The haulier makes a phone call to a specific telephone number and is asked for the delivery number and the any quantity variance – Voice POD automatically processes the POD transaction.

Key Advantages of Voice FlexPOD® for SAP

  • Create the POD transaction by simple a phone call
  • POD documents are created instantly in back end SAP system
  • Integrated key word check checking
  • Rapid implementation