Master Data maintenance made easy with MDM-Lite®

Master data is life blood of the organisations functions and therefore it is critical to have a controlled and verified data in order to run the business efficiently. Data problems are often not given much importance, however, the issues are hidden underneath.

Typical issues faced by organisations:

  • Several legacy systems: Leads not only to huge maintenance cost but also conflicting sets of data that can in turn lead to incorrect reporting.
  • Manual entry via sheets of paper: Will lead to re-entry of data by additional staff. This leads to duplication of effort while data can be inconsistent.
  • No traceability of the data source: Accessing history is often difficult and therefore difficult to judge the source of information.
  • Shared folders are used for storing attachments: Data is not usually validated and disconnected. Duplicate data can exist in many cases.

What is MDM-Lite®?

This application is developed to address the core issues of data management while keeping the costs low. The salient features of the solution are:

  • Simple SAP based Master Data solution.
  • One stop solution for all kinds of master data.
  • Workflow based approval process.
  • Web-based form for data entry.
  • Reporting tools for monitoring the requests.
  • Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

Typical Benefits of MDM-Lite®:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Less TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Controlled and streamlined process.
  • Minimum manual data entry.
  • Ability to distribute master data to other systems.
  • Archive supporting documents.
  • Improved quality and compliance of master data
  • Maximise the value of SAP Licencing cost.
  • Low processing times.